A fall hike


Should you go to the Richard T. Anderson Conservation Area in Eden Prairie and take the Elizabeth Fries Ellet Interpretive Trail in the direction of the scenic overlook, you’d climb a steep hill until you reach this opening.

Then you’d see this and think, wow, cool, what a great overlook.

You might also, oddly, find a little veggie in the grass.

But really, you wouldn’t have reached the real overlook yet. See this little trail?

Just a little extra jaunt, and you get this.

And this.

Gorgeous overview for miles of the Minnesota River and Shakopee and Eden Prairie. 

Then, if you look back at where you just were, you might see this.

If you then continue on the EFE trail, you’ll be deep into woods very soon.

And what beautiful woods they are (in a Blair Witch Project kind of way).

I might have exhibited an unruly amount of exuberance kicking leaves off the trail than is acceptable for a woman of a certain age.

The trail winds up and down steep hills and across little bridges.

And occasionally near a little brook.

Do brooks babble or burble? I think this one burbled.

This is only one small portion of the gorgeous trail at the Richard T. Anderson Conservation Area. The Elizabeth Fries Ellet Trail was named after, well, Elizabeth Fries Ellet, who did not live here, but visited back in the 1800s and compared the natural beauty to that of the Garden of Eden–hence the name, Eden Prairie. It’s a beautiful place to hike and wander. 

(Also, click on that link to Elizabeth Ellet–she was quite something, a pioneer writer who documented women’s roles in the Revolutionary War and had significant dust-ups with the likes of Edgar Allan Poe.)