“Peter and the Starcatcher” at the Orpheum Theatre: A Fairytale Phenomenon that Stole My Heart!


 Walking into the theater was like entering a different world. Add a sprinkle of “star stuff” and your eyes are opened to see Molly, a starcatcher apprentice, team up with an orphaned boy. Together, with 2 other lost boys, they try to rescue the treasure they desperately need to destroy- star stuff, which in the wrong hands can cause lots of trouble. They fight pirates, meet mermaids, and meet a crocodile (wink, wink).

The talent in the show was astounding- a playfully sassy Captain Black Stache, an independent young girl (the only girl in the show), and a lonely young boy. You fall in love with each and every one of them. The actors form themselves into set pieces- walls and doors- and in a blink of an eye they have transitioned into a whole new scene and back again- flawlessly, I might add. I can not help but question Megan Stern’s vocal choice for Molly- a much older sounding British accent that strangely enough did not match her fathers… The actors embodied their characters fully on stage- engaging their audience with amazing energy and in fresh new ways incomparable to any other! I have to commend John Sanders who did a stache-tastic job as Captain Black Stache! His sassy character choices and killer line deliveries smacked a smile on my face, making me exclaim “Oh my god!” as many times as he did!

Paper mache sets, seemed to peel out of a story book, pulling you even deeper into their magical world. The scenery was so dorky and cute- composed of thrift store finds, actors warping ropes into simple objects such as a box and the boat’s edge. The lighting was simple yet effective and always flattering, and each new sound effect seamlessly binded with the show. Perfection. The script was phenomenal- extremely well written. With witty puns and a spectacular rhythm, the script was poetic- yet nonchalant.

The organic nature of the show- the “flying cat”, the way the actors played with the set, the strong choice to refrain from over tech-ing the show- was so fitting. It forces your mind to reminisce a nostalgic childhood game of pretend and flex your imagination muscles. The actors, while clearly much older than 13, gave a touching depth to the show while still acting quite childish. All these elements combined, created a show that quickly stole my heart and worked it’s way to the top of my favorite’s list. It is the kind of show you miss after seeing- “but it’s supposed to hurt. That’s how you know it meant something”- and well, it must have meant something! Quirky, funny, with jokes for all ages- it left me with that giddy feeling you only get if you are really lucky… The obsessive, replay-in-you-mind joy you get from a show once in a green moon. Or what’s that Smee? Once in a blue moon? Either way Peter and the Starcatcher was a phenomenal, feel good show that transfers you to the world of children and fuzzy feelings- reminding us that we all have a little star stuff in us- and that it can make us into whatever we want to be.