Extreme Makeover continues in St. Paul


Just hours after pouring the foundation on the house workers and volunteers were already completing placement of the floor on the 1st level.

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At times 50 or more volunteers were simultaneously working on all aspects of the house.

Workers guided the first of the walls that were craned into place.


Constant coordination between TJB homes, subcontractors, and volunteers was critical in order for progress to continue.

With so many hands at work the house took shape with a brisk pace, several walls at a time.

With the outer walls and rafters in place, much of the work shifted to the inside of the house. At this point the team was nearly three hours ahead of schedule.

Teams were able to break in shifts for a quick meal as lunch was delivered, but the site was always active, with so much work to be done and so little time to do it

A large garage behind the house with a play area above the 1st level was also incorporated into the design of the property.