“Evita” at the Orpheum Theatre


I like it when I can walk into a show not knowing what to expect and then leaving pretty happy about what I have seen.  i saw Evita on Tuesday January 28, 2014 at the Orpheum theatre. I didn’t know much about the plot before going in so I was at the mercy of the show as far as my feelings for the story. The story follows Eva a young girl who grew up in a middle class family in Argentina. We follow her throughout her life as she becomes an actress and then a politicians  wife. Evita Peron becomes a household name throughout Argentina, and we get to watch it all unfold. 

The staging for this show was simple but functional. The main piece of the set is a balcony. In my opinion this was a wise set choice. It drew in your gaze without being too distracting. During the song, Don’t Cry For Me Argentina, a part of the balcony came forward toward the audience. This action made the song even more powerful. I almost cried. The cast could easily change the set to go with the scene. I thought that this was cool.  

The costuming for Evita was not what I expected. The designers stayed true to the time period that the story line takes place in. Everyone looked great. The costumes fit well on all of the characters. I did however think that the dress Evita wore during Don’t Cry for Me Argentina was out of place. To me it seemed to ball like for the scene. But other than the one out of place dress everyones costumes fit the character they played. 

As for the story line itself, that left a few wholes that I needed to be filled in. I feel as though I missed a scene in the show. But I know that I was watching the whole time. I don’t think that this was to the fault of the actors but the writers. Tim rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber have done some amazing shows. but I just think that Evita falls from the standard they have set for themselves. In saying this the actors did a wonderful job telling the story the best they could. I truly believe that if Tim and Andrew were to maybe add a scene in to fill the show with more information on Mrs. Peron’s life then the audience would not leave so confused. 

Over all I think that this show is one worth seeing. Maybe not one for the whole family as there is some unexpected swearing in a few of the songs but for sure a show for the parents