march, 2017

18mar(mar 18)12:00 pm19(mar 19)5:00 pmWellness Weekend


Event Details

Join us next weekend for massage, acupuncture, Chi Kung, Reiki, Tarot, mindful movement and body based (somatic) support classes. All offerings are sliding scale. Set aside some time to rejuvenate and invest in your health!

There will be quiet spaces to meditate, and an area with snacks. If you need help arranging childcare, please contact us.

Session schedule and class descriptions below. Please RSVP for your session or class. More info below.

Classes (upstairs space)
1pm-2pm – Authentic Movement – Malia Burkhart
2pm-3pm – Somatic Visualization – Ayo Clemons
3pm-4pm – Meditation – Stacy McClendon
4pm-5pm – Meditation – Stacy McClendon

Acupuncture (upstairs space)
12pm-3pm – Rebeka Ndosi

Reiki Energy Healing and Angel Tarot Readings
(upstairs space – 25 to 50 min sessions)
1pm-4pm – Bruce Thao

Somatic Conflict Coaching (upstairs space – 25 to 50 min sessions)
12pm-5pm – T. Zea Leguizamon

Bodywork (downstairs space – 50 min sessions)
12-5pm – Craniosacral – Susan Raffo
12-5pm – Craniosacral – Fen Jeffries
12-2pm – Abdominal Therapy, Pre/Postnatal Massage – Ihotu Ali
2-4pm – Somatic Massage – Malia Burkhart
4-5pm – Global Somatics Body/Energywork – Ayo


Classes (upstairs space)
1-2pm – Eternal Spring Chi Kung – Malia Burkhart
2-3pm TBA
3-4pm – Spring Equinox Sanga – Serita Colette

Acupuncture (upstairs space)

Bodywork (downstairs space – 50 min sessions)
12-5pm – Deep Tissue Massage – JooHee
12-5pm – Global Somatics Body/Energywork – Ayo

Suggested Donation Rates: Please choose the amount that best fits your income and budget. Proceeds support practitioners and People’s Movement Center.
Movement Classes/Acupuncture: $10 – $25/hour
Bodywork/Massage/Reiki: $30 – $80/ hour
Somatic Conflict Coaching: $30 – $60 ($1/min)
Meditation: open donation

Please RSVP for your session or class:
Send an email to Please include the day and time you’d like to set up your session. Sessions and classes last 25 – 50 minutes and begin at the top of every hour. Offerings are first come, first serve.


Eternal Spring Chi Kung – Malia Burkhart
Gentle exercises that provide a full body workout while improving mind-body connection, deep breathing, balance, and alignment. More info at
Check out our regular classes at PMC every Tuesday 6-7pm

Authentic Movement – Malia Burkhart
Guided exercises in moving your body freely, and following your intuition.

Acupuncture – Rebeka Ndosi
Traditional Chinese Acupuncture ~Five Element Acupuncture ~Chinese Herbal Medicine
I sought out and studied East Asian Medicine because these modalities begin from the foundation of wholeness. Each person walks in a whole person, is treated holistically, and is part of the larger environments, systems, and universe in which we all live. I focus primarily on the treatment of stress and trauma, as well as other forms of internal medical treatment.

CranioSacral – Susan Raffo
Susan works with the nervous system, muscles, bones, ligaments and fascia. Susan’s CranioSacral work helps decrease pain, realign body structures and release held trauma.

Global Somatics Body/Energywork – Ayo
Ayo offers personalized support through hands on bodywork, breath work and energy work. This includes working with the muscles, tissues, and organs of the body through touch, while incorporating breathing techniques and and energy work such as Reiki.

Somatic Visualization – Ayo
Guided visualization techniques to support a deeper connection to your body.

Somatic Massage – Malia Burkhart
My practice focuses on releasing tension in the body stored in the body through a variety of bodywork techniques, including: Fascia unwinding through deep steady pressure, supported movement and assisted stretching; Deep muscle tissue release, outlining and describing specific muscles to release and relax; Quiet, slow, and more subtle forms of touch that communicate with the body with gentleness and calm; Gentle rocking or shaking to integrate and encourage the body to release patterns of holding and tension.

Swedish Massage – JooHee
Swedish massage uses long guided strokes to relieve tension throughout the entire body.

Ihotu Ali – Abdominal Therapy, Pre/Postnatal Massage
Abdominal therapy includes a gentle massage of the belly and low back, guiding organs back into optimal position, clearing scar tissue, and restoring blood and energy flow. Helpful for digestive discomfort, anxiety, painful periods, fetal positioning in pregnancy, and for releasing emotions from sexual violence or trauma. You will also learn how to perform a simple self-massage to continue at home.

Bruce Thao – Reiki Energy Healing and Angel Tarot Readings
The reiki energy healing and angel tarot readings can be done separately or in combination depending on what is needed. Reiki encourages deep relaxation, clears your chakras, and allows you to tap into messages from your Higher Self, guides and angels. Angel tarot readings provide guidance and clarity when you are seeking answers to questions that could be related to your love life, life purpose, or more.

Spring Equinox Sanga – Serita Colette
In this workshop we will explore Shakti, the goddess of POWER. Through mantra, asana, guided relaxation and meditation you will cultivate a connection with Shakti that will inspire your Equinox intentions. There are many shaktis in the yogic tradition and each is a reminder of the innate power within each of us waiting to unfold. This practice is open to all levels. Please bring a journal and a pen.

Somatic Conflict Coaching – T. Zea Leguizamon
Build skills to navigate conflict using nonverbal communication & somatics applications. And together, help create a future of “healthy conflict”.

Meditation – Stacy McClendon
More info coming soon!

The People’s Movement Center is a Healing Justice collective that supports the practices of POC, Indigenous, Queer and Trans practitioners. People of all identities are welcome to participate in classes and offerings.

More information about PMC at: PMC is located at 736 41st Street, Minneapolis, MN 55407.
(corner of 41st Street and Chicago Avenue)


18 (Saturday) 12:00 pm - 19 (Sunday) 5:00 pm


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