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A Public Art Project of the Saint Paul Almanac in partnership with Imhotep Science Academy and Frogtown Farm

Six youth from Imhotep Science Academy (ISA) have been meeting all summer to design and build solar-powered rocks that will house poetry and art visible at night. Hemetii Si-Asar, Ezra Yorahee, Oluwatamilore (Tami) Adedayo, Wacheke Njoroge, and Mukuhi Njoroge are the designers of the project, with Maasia Si-Asar as lead designer and organizer. The rocks are being created as part of Saint Paul Almanac’s Poetry in the Park in the Dark Art Project.

“It was nice to have a hands-on project and a challenging problem to figure out. Working in a design group was fun,” said Hemetii Si-Asar, 8th grade Murray Middle School student and ISA member.

“Being able to work as the student leader/coordinator has given me valuable organizational skills and experience that I can use in my future endeavors. The experience of working on a project that included art, poetry, and engineering was engaging, challenging, and fun,” said Maasia Si-Asar, 11th grade Roseville High School student and ISA member.

The Poetry in the Park in the Dark logo was created by JXTALab youth apprentices.


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Frogtown Farm

946 Minnehaha Ave W St Paul, MN 55104