october, 2018

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This fall all 87 Minnesota county attorneys are up for election. County attorneys play a pivotal and powerful role in our criminal justice system. They have the power to reduce mass incarceration, reduce racial disparities, promote transparency in our criminal justice system, and so much more. As voters, it’s important we engage with these elected officials just like we do with others who serve us.

This week we are launching a new website for Minnesota voters. At www.votejusticemn.org you can:

  • Learn about the role of county attorneys.
  • Find out where your county attorney stands on important civil liberties issues.
  • Listen to our podcast about county attorneys.
  • Stay informed of upcoming events.

Visit and share our new website with people you know — all Minnesota voters should know where their candidates stand on these important civil liberties issues.

Last week we shared with you our new podcast, “Power to the Podcast.”


ACLU of Minnesota

P.S. You can now vote early in-person and by mail, happy voting season!


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