Entenza drops from Attorney General race


Yesterday DFL State Sen. Matt Entenza dropped out of the race for attorney general. Here is his statement.

For the past 12 years, I’ve been a public servant fighting for Minnesotans. We have had a lot of successes during that time bringing better health care, better schools and better consumer protection, including implementing the first Do Not Call List in the State.
I got into the race for Attorney General to continue fighting for Minnesotans; to keep them safe, to protect them and their families, to protect their healthcare and to help them fight the challenges they face everyday.

Fighting for important public issues is one thing, and fighting in politics is quite another.

While I’m confident that I can win the race for attorney general, obviously in this environment staying in this race would hurt the Democratic Party and the progressive issues we care about so deeply.

I have seen this before. And I have fought this fight before and won – in 2004. I know now as I did then that with enough time, I can fight my way through this and prevail.

But with so little time and so many attacks, from anonymous faxes to attacks on my family, it is impossible to fight these attacks and win this race without it taking a serious toll on the people and the party we care about the most.

It has been my honor to serve the people of this state. I am proud of my record in public service and even more proud of my wife. I am confident the voters of Minnesota would see these attacks for what they are: politics pure and simple.

So today I am ending my campaign for attorney general. I believe public service and politics is bigger than any one person, any one problem or any one party. And I am hopeful that despite what has happened today, the future for Minnesota and Democrats is brighter today and will be even brighter tomorrow.

This decision will not change my desire to fight on behalf of the people of this wonderful state. This decision is the best thing for Minnesota and the best thing for Democrats.

Thank you.