Enrollee Day at Rezberry


Here in Rezberry the end of June is a very busy and exciting time of year. The Rezberry Business Committee has hosted “Enrollee Day” for some years now by providing food, fun, music and festivities, plus chances to win $500 in angora rabbit hides.

This party is only for actual Rezberry Enrollees and their spouses and family. Like I mentioned (I did, didn’t I?) some Illegal Fake Indians (IFI’s) have been cut from the Rezberry rolls. In my opinion they should really pay back in cash what was mistakenly provided or given to them, including jobs, scholarship money and per capita. But that’s me. (Not only me though!)

The Rez Biz Committee set up an outdoor stage near the Tribal Center for dancers and musicians, and I was all excited about seeing the Dakota band Indigenous, which used to be composed all of family members when I followed them in the Big City; all were actual enrolled Indians. You may imagine my consternation when only Mahto, the lead singer and guitar virtuoso was the only Indian to show up! Two white guys played on drums and bass for him. I gotta wonder if the Rez got a honking discount for having Mahto alone, so to speak. 

So I picked up my Gramma Rose to go to the feast; later we went to the Tribal Center to pray for our names to be called for a $500 prize. Neither of us won, and here I was gonna actually pay a bill and a loan with some of my winnings, too! Hai! See what good intentions get you? Never again! I brought my Dear Heart home and headed for my own lily pad thinking that I was in for the night. It was supposed to rain and I figured the Indigenous concert would be canceled. I ended up going anyway with me Mumz and my Antie C. That is when I found out we were cheated! I boogied anyway and luckily, did not fall down despite the uneven ground and my platform sandals. It felt so gooood!

Then the anticipated rain began and the fireworks show started. My Mumz and me “ooooohed and aaaaahed” in unison during the display. I did this only for form’s sake. Ya ask me, ya seen one fireworks ya seen ’em all. I decided to leave before the fireworks ended because I got all anxious to get out of there so I could beat the crowds. I am laughing hard. I know! I had flashbacks of events in the Big City where that is what you do.

We get in the car, proceed to drive away and stopped because there were three youngish teenage girls standing in the road blocking our progress. I waited for them to notice my very bright car headlights so they would move out of my way. Did I mention they were all standing IN THE ROAD? I honked, two finally moved to the side and the other one gave me an ugly, dirty look and refused to move. She was standing in my way, daring me to run her over. Too bad that’s illegal. She finally moved off the road after I honked louder and hollered at her. Yeah, I was mad! I was at first amazed and disgusted at the blatant disrespect and stupidity the girl showed; but I am more angry at her parents or whoever is in charge of her manners. Unbelievable! Who told this child she is exempt from any rules and common decency, never mind common sense?

Of course this got me thinking. Babies come in to the world all unprepared and ignorant. Not their fault of course, but no instruction book comes with babies either. So humans invented things called rules that were needed to continue the race, stuff like “don’t drop baby on the head; change baby’s nappies as needed; nurse baby; care for and comfort baby; do not let baby stand in the road where cars drive.” Repeat as needed. I must add a disclaimer here: yer off the hook when baby turns 18 years of age. 

One thing I did learn very well (it came very easily to me really) was to respect my Elders. Which got me to thinking again. How hard is it really to be civil to one another? Anyone can be a jerk, but why would you want to? On another subject the resident Rezberry Elders are on a mission to raise rent money for another resident who has lived in the building since 1985. She was served a letter that informed her very clearly that she is being evicted for non-payment of rent in the staggering amount of $2.00. Two dollars. The Elders have so far raised $1.03. Updates in future columns.

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