Encounters at the End of the World



The stark and intensive beauty of Antarctica fills the screen in this latest documentary by Werner Herzog. The powerful attraction of the South Pole has extended its magnetic pull to filmmaker Herzog.

He and his cameraman traveled to McMurdo Station, on Ross Island, the headquarters for the National Science Foundation. This location is home to 1,100 persons between October and February who live and work together in scientific research. As Herzog explores the incredible and breathtaking landscape, he also taps into the unforgettable characters and amusing eccentrics who delve out an existence in this harsh yet beautiful world. From the forklift operator with a Ph.D. and the woman who traveled to South America in a sewage pipe on the back of a truck, to experts on mad penguins, Herzog is back in top form in another amazing film that began simply during his editing of Grizzly Man two years ago.

The South Pole has lured scientists, adventurers and eccentrics like a magnet, ever since Ernest Shackleton ventured there a century ago. It seems inevitable that Werner Herzog should make his own South Pole exploration. In documentaries such as Grizzly Man, Little Dieter Needs to Fly, Lessons of Darkness and many others, Herzog has proven to be our cinematic poet laureate of men (and occasionally women) living in extremes.

Along the way, Herzog’s unmistakable voice ruminates on themes characteristic of his oeuvre, such as the mystery and malevolence of nature. At other times, he withholds commentary, leaving us to ponder sights from the end of the earth, set to a soundtrack of choral music. It’s enough to leave anyone speechless.

NOTE: St. Anthony Main screenings end MAY 1. The Fest will then move to Oak
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