Ellison Cheers Muslim Crowd


Muslims’ favorite candidate for Congress in the Fifth District, Keith Ellison, cheered up a huge Muslim crowd that filled a Minneapolis Convention Center ballroom Saturday evening. The Iftar, or breakfasting, which marks the end of long, fasting days, drew more than a 1,000 worshippers, according to organizers.

It was the first time such event was done outside a mosque in Minnesota.

“You’ve done a remarkable job on Sept. 12, but you must continue doing that in November 7,” Ellison shouted to the crowd, referring to the primary and general election dates respectively. “Muslims must show what they can offer for this great nation.”

Jubilant crowd repeatedly interjected him, shouting “God is great” in Arabic.

Ellison vowed to work on strengthening the relationship between Muslims and other communities in the country.

Often sputtering, his few minutes’ speech riveted the attention of the crowd quickly.

Many in the Muslim community, who never bothered to vote, came out in force on primary day, registering significant gains for Ellison in some precincts where disproportionate number of the community resides.

For many Muslims, he resembles a critical point of access to the corridors of power in this country, which has never seen one in his ranking, if he’s elected in November.

“If [Ellison] is elected to Congress, which we pray to God he does, he will open the door of dialogue between Muslims and non-Muslims around the world,” said 30-year-old businessman Abdulkarim Osman. “And maybe even more Congressmen will be elected.”