Elizabeth Peyton: Notes toward a review


Ever wonder what critics are writing in those little black notebooks? Last month I led an arts writing class co-presented by the Twin Cities Media Alliance and the Walker Art Center; with a docent, the class and I walked through the Elizabeth Peyton exhibit Live Foreverand as we walked, we all took notes on what we saw. I meant to do something with my notes, but one thing led to another and the notes ended up on my desk underneath a pile of mail. I uncovered the notes in a Sunday afternoon excavation, and I present them here as fragments of the review that might have been. 1965 CT SVA Rikrit ’04 Gavin Brown Tony Just Patty Hertling She says it doesn’t make a difference if we know who it is. Richard Flood “intimate” “accessible” small “tender”

-celebrities -historical figures -friends/lovers Ludwig II of Bavaria—confident, dandyish eyes variety of framing/poses bright colors Blue Liam—eyes bleeding blue, red lips Jake Chapman—orange knowing—historical androgynous comfortable diffident Sid + his mom -holding Blue Kurt—athletic Kurt [indecipherable] in vulnerable positions too confident to be vulnerable Nick, Ben, Tony -contemplation -challenging Keith—mouth open postmodern Michelle O.—black person! paintings of historical [indecipherable] frames?