Egypt – the latest and where to follow the news


In Egypt today (Wednesday, February 2), the government sent police and government employees and supporters to attack the demonstrators assembled in Tahrir Square in Cairo. The army, which has not attacked the demonstrators, did not intervene to safeguard them from the attackers, some of whom came on horseback and camelback. Many people were seriously injured and at least one killed. The U.N. Secretary General condemned the violence.

The mainstream media, for the most part, are not reporting the identity of attackers – that they are police and government supporters, armed and sent by the government.

If you are watching the news from Egypt, whether with hope for the future or with fears resonating from Mexico in 1968 or Tiananmen Square, Democracy Now is the prime go-to news source. Their Sharif Abdel Kouddous is reporting from Cairo, where his family lives, and you can follow him via his Twitter stream (@sharifkouddous) or on the Democracy Now blog, which includes other voices as well.

Then there’s Al Jazeera, whose credibility is attested to by the ferocity with which the Egyptian police and government supporters are attacking it.