Eat, drink and be merry at local theaters this November


It is the time of year to be thankful, so let’s raise our glass to the theaters in Uptown that let us bring our drinks to our seats! Now that sun is setting earlier, we feel we must cram more of our daily entertainment into a shorter period of time.

Get your cocktails in with your comedy at the Brave New Workshop. They serve beer, wine, soda, coffee and espresso drinks in their lobby. They also sell snacks and popcorn, and you are allowed to bring all of this to your seats.

In November, BNW will start celebrating the holidays in its special, satiric way with “Stuck in the Manger With You; or Carol On, My Wayward Son.” It officially begins on Friday, Nov. 16, after a number of preview runs. Favorite skits and songs from previous holiday shows will be mixed in with new funny stuff – guaranteeing a great holiday show.

Stay after the performances every Friday and Saturday to catch “Late Night Improv.” It is spontaneous comedy based on suggestions from the audience.

A different type of improv happens at 7:30 p.m. every Tuesday with “Six Ring Circus.” Graduates from the Brave New Institute and BNW alumni perform “long form improvisation,” which can get weird, but is always funny.

On most Sundays in November, various Twin Cities Improv groups get together for “Improv-A-Go-Go,” at 8 p.m. Again, where the performers will take their comedy is impossible to guess, but for $1 admission, it’s worth the risk.

Around the corner at the Bryant Lake Bowl Theater, not only will they serve you drinks at your seat, they’ll bring you dinner. This set-up is an even better way to multi-task.They serve breakfast all day as well as a full lunch and dinner menu made with locally grown ingredients. For drinks, take your pick of wine, beer or cocktails.

In November (and every month) the theater line-up is constantly changing, but here is a brief list of things that caught my eye.

“Adventures in Mating” has been onstage at 8 p.m. every Monday for months now. I’m assuming the actors aren’t getting tired of performing it yet because the audience chooses the outcome of the show by making important decisions for the characters – a man and woman on their first date. Should Jeffery listen to the wants of Miranda (order a nice white wine), or get what he really wants (a cheap red wine)?

The play has over 60 possible scenarios built into its script, according to the waiter/referee who interacts with the audience. Some situations lead to bloodshed, others to love and some . . . maybe to both.
Those among you who love dance will have two different performances to take in this month. “The Rabbit Show” presented by John Munger’s Third Rabbit Dance Ensemble is hopping onstage 7 p.m., Wednesday, Nov. 14. The performances are always fun and with great variety. Oftentimes, guest artists join the troupe during the cabaret-like show. As described on the BLB website, “With humor, excitement and clarity, this is thoughtful dance for real people.”

The monthly “9×22 Dance/Lab,” will happen at 8 p.m., Wednesday, Nov. 28. The audience is encouraged to interact with the performers by discussing each piece immediately after the dancers are done. In November, the guest dancers will include Emily Gastineau, Cassie Veach, Tamin Totzke and Dustin Haug.

Will you have family in town for the long Thanksgiving weekend? If you start seeing signs that the relatives are getting cabin fever, send them out to see Ellis at 10 p.m., Saturday, Nov. 24. Her gentle modern folk will entertain many tastes. She has been voted Best Musician in Minneapolis for five years in a row, now.

The Brave New Workshop Theatre is located at 2605 Hennepin Avenue South. For more information visit, or call 612-332-6620. The Bryant Lake Bowl is located at 810 West Lake Street. For more information and to view the full calendar of shows, visit or call 612-825-8949.