E-DEMOCRACY | Yard waste collection in Minneapolis


Emilie Quast: If you are also irritated about the new “kraft paper” or “compostable plastic bag” requirement (the “splits and spills” requirement, sez I),  here’s what you get when you actually READ the  instructions at SW&R 


What are the alternatives to using compostable plastic bags?  If you prefer to not purchase compostable bags, you may use your own reusable containers for unbagged yard waste, compost your yard waste on your property, or use a mulching lawn mower. 

What kind of reusable container is acceptable?  Reusable containers must be less than 33 gallons in size and have sturdy handles for crews to use during collection. Full containers must weigh less than 40 pounds. When using your own container, leaves and other vegetation should be unbagged.  All brush and branches must be less than 3 feet long, and less than 3 inches in diameter.

Yard waste stickers are available to identify your reusable yard waste container. To request yard waste stickers call Solid Waste and Recycling, 612-673-2917. The Division of Solid Waste and Recycling is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen containers.

Ken Bearman: Are paper grocery bags compostable?  I’ve used them for many  years when I put out brush and tree limbs.

Ms. Quast pointed out to me that there’s a phone number on the poster she linked us to.  I called it and asked my question.  The woman who took my call said yes they are; paper grocery bags are pretty much the same material as what the information calls “Kraft (paper) bags”.  Thank you, Ms. Quast.

Cam Gordon: We can also use reusable bins.   I use large plastic ones.  


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