E-DEMOCRACY | Will the Peace House mosaic survive?


From: Madeline Douglass Date: 15:25

I know this is a Ventura Village neighborhood question…but since there isn’t yet an e-democracy group for them…but many V V residents are here…

Does anyone have news regarding the (existing) Peace House building? Has AEON filed a wrecking permit?

They’ve had alot to say about Angela Carlson Talle’s mosaic being unstable and water damaged…and it will be destroyed when the building is demolished. Unless…??? The mural was completed in 2004…although it was applied directly to the bricks and a few pieces are missing..it’s an important work of art and it’s destruction will be a loss…not to mention incredibly bad karma.

Construction on the new Peace house building has progressed. Is it being paid for by AEON and Hope Community or funded another way?

Madeline Douglass

From: Patrick Cabello Hansel Date: 15:33

I would be interested in trying to preserve that beautiful mosaic, or at the least, utilize it in other public art in the community. Our Semilla arts program has worked with various community groups in Phillips to make the mosaic planters you’ve seen around, and the mural on Andersen School’s entrance. We would be interested in working with whomever on this.

Patrick Cabello Hansel
St. Paul’s Lutheran Church
2742 15th Ave S

From: Madeline Douglass Date: 16:05

Here’s a little history on the efforts to save it


And a recent article:

I’ve had numerous conversations with the artist, Angela Carlson Talle…but several of her works have been destroyed (i.e. her mosaic inside the former Muddy waters) and AEON has made some vague statements about perhaps having a small mural made by her for the interior of the new building. And considering the developments that AEON and Hope Community do…good housing for those in need…what artist would defy them given the possible potential of future commissions?

I’ve also spoken to Catherine Mamer of Peace House and she told me that they fought for years to save mosaic and/or have the building moved…it even was evaluated by a structural engineer…now Peace house feels they can’t demand anything of AEON since they are getting a nice new building from them, versus the eviction they were going to get before the negative public PR reprocussions changed AEON’s plans.

I also spoke to Mpls City Arts Administrator Mary Altman who said the condition of the mural would have to be professionally evaluated and also either the wall it contains or the entire building would have to be structurally sound enough to be moved.

However the public arts conservators she referred me to declined to do the evaluation as there was no/is no deep pocketed corporate sponsor who would pay all the expenses and commit to saving the mosaic…so why should they bother to make the effort?

I also believe at the last Zoning and Planning meeting regarding AEONS new development at the site of the existing Peace House that the planners and commission urged them to find a way to save the mosaic…but of course AEON does not want to spend any money on it.

So finding the money and the land to move the building to are key…just as the Whittier neighborhood has by buying two more buildings from MCAD for $1 and moving those.

The Peace House mosaic should be saved. It’s not only an important work of art which has been transformative for the entire area of the City it exists in…there’s something sacred and spiritual about it…transformative and healing as well.

It’s more than a collection of tile, mirrors and glass.

Madeline Douglass

From: Harvey M. Winje Winje Date: 17:57

Thank you, Patrick, This is “Music to our ears” at The Alley Newspaper. We featured that mosaic on our front page when it was completed and would be willing to help in any way we can to support it’s preservation. Harvey Winje, Editor

From: Patrick Cabello Hansel Date: 18:05


Thanks so much for your detailed response. I would love to be part of any strategy to save even part of the mural. Let’s keep in touch


See thread here.

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