E-DEMOCRACY | Will gun owners ambush Breakfast with Gary?


From: N. Jeanne Burns Date: 16:15

Hey folks,

If you want to support our legislators in stopping gun violence, please come to BREAKFAST WITH GARY. Apparently, the NRA is going to be there in full force to challenge Jim Davnie and Patricia Torres Ray. See the attached photo to see their post.


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From: Ephraim Eusebio Date: 17:02

Does the Mercado Central allow gun on the premises?

From: Bob Schlobobnik Date: 17:40

Whoa there N. Jeanne,

The Twin Cites Gun Owners & Carry Forum is part of Minnesotans for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, not the NRA. As far as I can tell they are a grass roots, local organization with no affiliation with the NRA.

Please don’t fear these people. They are against violence as much as you are, they just tend to think infringing on the rights of legal, law abiding gun owners is not how we solve the problem.


From: Ephraim Eusebio Date: 17:47

Why do they feel the need to “catch them off guard?”

From: Bob Schlobobnik Date: 18:03

Ephraim, who knows? Ask the person that wrote it. I consider that and “ambushing” very poor choices of words.


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