E-DEMOCRACY | Wildlife in St. Paul


From: Gail O’Hare Date: Apr 06 14:44

Retrieving the paper at 5:00 this morning, my husband was surprised and delighted to see 4 deer munching in our neighbor’s yard. The deer were surprised, too, and took off across Highland Parkway back to the golf course.

Have others seen these deer? Delightful though it may be to encounter them, it’s a bit troubling, too. I’m at a loss to figure out how they crossed busy streets and by what route they ended up in our neighborhood. I thought deer stuck pretty close to the river. Maybe they shelter in the wooded ravine along Hamline? Sooner or later some unsuspecting driver is going to hit a deer, since they’re bold (or hungry) enough to cross the golf course and Highland Parkway.

Gail O’Hare
St. Paul

From: Jeff Rusterholtz Date: Apr 06 14:24

Gail I lived on Montcalm for many years and saw lots of deer roaming in the early morning hours. It’s not an unusual sight in your part of Highland

From: Anne Carroll Date: Apr 06 14:33

My next door neighbors have seen early-morning evidence of deer having bedded down overnight in their front yard among the tiger lilies.

Anne Carroll on Highland Parkway near Hamline

From: John Mannillo Date: Apr 06

I live on the 18th hole of the golf course. We have a family of deer most every night that make their rounds through my yard. They usually stop to eat my crab apples, ground cover, acorns or flowers. Sometimes they jump my backyard fence and bed down. They often don’t leave if I go outside.

John Mannillo

From: Michele St. Martin Date: Apr 06 15:03

We live in Como, and several years ago I saw a deer run across the street. It was very exciting but like Gail, I was worried for the deer. I called Animal Control to report the sighting, and the man on the other end of the phone said, sounding quite bored, “Lady, there are hundreds of deer in St. Paul.” Hundreds? Really?

Michele St. Martin
Como Park

From: Jim Mork Date: Apr 06 15:04

So the turkeys? Are they still wandering around, too?

From: Shannon O’Toole Date: Apr 06 15:18

Turkeys are everywhere. I saw one on Lake Drive at St. Thomas Academy last night.

Shannon O’Toole

From: Thomas Date: Apr 06 23:29

What about rabbits? My backyard is disgusting right now from them. What would you suggest to ward away rabbits?

From: Gail O’Hare Date: Apr 08 21:34

Well, I see this is a much bigger problem than I’d realized, and it turns out that the deer made it into our yard, too. There will be no tulips in the front garden this year.

About rabbit deterrent, which I have no reason to claim will work on deer: You can buy a product called Rabbit Scram that is shaken around the perimeter of your beds. We dump it right on the emerging plants. It will last through light rains. However, it’s quite expensive, so after buying the first canister with its handy shaker spout, we now mix our own in it, following the advice of a nice woman at Leitner’s. Mix blood meal, garlic powder, ground cloves and white pepper in the canister. It takes maybe 2 lbs. of blood meal and we buy the cheap little jars (<1 oz.) of spices. I don’t know why the pepper has to be white, but it helps you see when everything is completely mixed. Our back garden with veggies is fenced; I wouldn’t count on Rabbit Scram to protect an entire garden.

Gail O’Hare
St. Paul

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