E-DEMOCRACY | What to do about graffiti in St. Paul


From: Sue Trupiano Date: Mar 25 02:33

What to do about Graffiti

SPPD & Dept. of Safety and Inspections (DSI) take graffiti seriously.

* Graffiti vandalism is a crime. If you witness graffiti “in progress”-call 911

* To report existing graffiti, whether on private or public property, or to request clean-up information, go to: http://www.stpaul.gov/index.aspx

Select from the top bar: “I want to”, then select “Ask a Question/Report a Problem”

There will be a form to fill out. Be prepared to give the location.

Alternatively, you can call DSI at 651-266-8989. During business hours, a person will answer. Outside of that, you can leave a detailed message. Be prepared to give the location.

* To file a police report for graffiti vandalism to your property, call the non-emergency number 651-291-1111

RuthAnn Eide, crime prevention coordinator, recommends using the form on the city’s web site to report graffiti. DSI will get the report quicker. They send out a letter to the owner of the property with a waiver to sign within 72 hours to have the city clean it up. There is one Parks and Rec worker who works the entire city. The idea is to get rid of the graffiti as soon as possible to away the psychological “pride” associated with it. Most of the graffiti we see is not gang related.

The graffiti seen along University Ave. has to be reported in order for DSI to send letters to the owner of the property. That includes the empty buildings. Don’t assume that someone else has reported. There isn’t any authority cruising University looking for it. There was a tagger caught on University. Waiting on estimates for removal of his graffiti to determine charges.

BTW, there was 5 graffiti reports to SPPD this past week for Hamline Midway.


From: Mira Kehoe Date: Mar 25 04:01

Thanks for the detailed directions on how to report graffiti. It has definitely increased, and I want to report what I see.

Mira kehoe

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