E-DEMOCRACY | Standish-Ericsson residents: Did you get a “We’d like to buy your house” letter?


From: Laurel Severns Guntzel Date: Feb 12 22:46

I got home today to a handwritten note stuck in our storm door from a man named Zac Stilwell who said he and his wife, Priscilla, want to buy our house, and they left a phone number. Our house is really not anything special compared to some of the very cute houses in the neighborhood, so it seems strange. Did anyone else get something like this?

From: P Fewer Lee Date: Feb 12 23:00

We got the same note under our front door. Very strange.

Patty Lee
Standish, Minneapolis

From: Ben Schatz Date: Feb 12 23:10


I got the same letter. It actually isn’t handwritten. It’s xeroxed onto legal paper. A very well done one at that.

You can tell since there is no imprinting on the back of the paper from the pen and that if held up to the light its very consistent.

I did some digging into their names and it looks like they are real estate investors. Amateurs at that.

It’s junk mail. For anyone more savvy about this. Is this an illegal solicitation? Should we report this to the city. I’m not too concerned but I’m not a fan of this type of advertising.

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This may/or may not be Zac

From: Ben Schatz Date: Feb 12 23:13

For the record here is a photo of my copy

From: Julie Daily Date: 00:26

I was home when I heard my front door open and shut and saw some dude going door to door delivering. Googled the number and the name and it appears to be One Stop Property Group in Savage. Weird way to buy real estate…

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