E-DEMOCRACY | Volunteer Greenway Trailwatch patrol covers Midtown and Hiawatha bike trails


From: Kathy Koch Date: Apr 05 18:55

Just to add on…..the Greenway has a Trail Watch program run by volunteers who patrol the Greenway between Henn Ave from the west , traveling east across the Sabo bridge, turning onto the Light Rail bike trail and heading to the dome in downtown. We do that loop once or twice in the evening if there are at least 3 of us to ride it. We wear trail watch vests and carry cell phones to call 911 if we see anything suspicious or come across any incidents in progress. We also sweep up glass. We ride 6 out of 7 nites a week currently…year round…..and get involved in recommendations for improving safety on the Greeenway. One of the nights each month we check on the functioning of the blue emergency phones located on the Greenway. It provides extra sets of eyes on the Greenway and lets instigators of wrong-doing know they are at risk of being caught/sighted by people ready to act on behalf of any potential victims. It’s a lot of fun and ….a great way to meet fun and interesting people from all walks of life, while providing a great service to bikers and all users of the Greenway. Consider volunteering and maybe we can expand it to 7 nites a week…and more hours of the day and evening. Just google Greenway Coalition for more info.

From: Maggie Rozycki Date: 02:16

Thank you for doing this. It is a great service.

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