E-DEMOCRACY | Update on eagle’s nest near river


Lauri and I walked over with Max the dog to check out the eagles’ nest between 43rd and 44th Avenue about a block west of the West River Road. One of the adults (very big!!) was sitting majestically on the edge of the nest, silhouetted against the bright morning light, his/her head slowly rotating around watching us, checking out the small birds that were swarming around the nest and scolding and harassing the eagles. We couldn’t see the eaglets, but someone told us that they have been seen out of the nest flying after mom-eagle chased them out for their first flights. The nest, very high in a tree, is very large. A neighbor told us that one of the ways the eagles collect branches and twigs for their nest is that they fly onto a slender, thin branch which breaks under their weight. Then the eagle carries the broken off branches to their nest during the construction phase of their nesting. Another neighbor told us that if the pair of adult eagles are successful in raising the eaglets in this nest there is a good chance the same eagles will return to this “successful” nest next year. Finally, another neighbor reported that they have seen the eagles swoop down and grab a squirrel, carrying it back to the nest. What a delight to have this happening in our urban area. By the way, while we were there standing below the tree looking at the nest several cars stopped, their drivers getting out to check on what was going on in the nest. There must be a steady stream of eagle watchers who pass by, stopping for an update. Much better than a movie or TV show! If you go bring some binoculars.

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