E-DEMOCRACY | Nativity County Fair this weekend


From: Ann Treacy Date: Sep 13 21:00 UTC

Since Steve brought it up – I thought I might mention the Nativity County Fair: http://www.nativitycountyfair.org/

I remember going to it as a kid, although I didn’t attend Nativity. Now with kids at the school I’m more involved so it feels like everyone knows about it. But outside of the small circle that might not be true.

The event starts tomorrow evening. There will be rides and games and food. It’s great for all ages. The event continues Saturday and Sunday. Saturday night there’s a dinner with an auction and a post-auction cocktail party. I suspect it’s too late to get tickets for the dinner – and in fairness it’s probably all friends and parents from Nativity – but I think the rest of the events could be fun whether you’re involved with the school or not.

Thanks! Ann

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