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This is a letter Sen. Dziedzic and I sent to the redistricting folks. If they are posting all maps than this Citizens map should be there. It has nice compact contiguous wards, with the one we are interested in centered around Cedar Riverside.

RE: Citizens for Fair Redistricting Committee
Dear Chair Clegg:

We received a copy of correspondence from the Committee for Fair Redistricting. As we understand it, the Committee for Fair Redistricting is proposing new ward boundaries that would more accurately reflect the changing demographics of the City of Minneapolis. Specifically, the Committee proposes to create a ward in the Cedar/Riverside, Phillips, Elliot Park and West Seward neighborhood that would have a ward with a plurality of African American citizens.

This new proposed ward is compact, contiguous, and contains a strong community of interest that would create a minority opportunity ward in the heart of the City. We share these goals. The Somali and East African Community have demonstrated significant and impressive political strength in the last several years. Their citizenship is becoming fully actively engaged in political election cycles. We believe now is the time that this community have an opportunity to have a seat at the elected officials table in our community.

Using Interstate Freeways which destroyed communities in our City decades ago as a reason to keep the Somali and East African community and other minority communities divided is the height of irony. We believe the Charter Commission needs to look closely at current city demographics and not be bound by disastrous urban planning decisions of the 1950’s. Current ward lines which now clearly disperse minority groups to the advantage of other parts of the city should be discarded.

For many, it is the American dream. Part of the American dream is full inclusion in the political process of our democracy. We urge you and your fellow members of the Charter and Redistricting Committees to all do that is in your power to grant the request they have made.

Very truly yours,
Kari Dziedzic
State Senator

Phyllis Kahn
State Representative

cc: Charter Commission Members
Redistricting Committee Members
Committee for Fair Redistricting

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