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I have noticed a similar celebration of tradition among German Americans at the Germanic American Institute, of which I am an active member and volunteer. GAI, of course, has a longer history in Minnesota, but I think the German Immersion School is about as young as the Phalen Lake Hmong Studies Magnet. The GAI main building is a house on Summitt Avenue and serves a the meeting place and community center for Saturday morning coffe hour, presentation of German-language films, and occational lectures about Switzerland, Germany, Austria and German Americans of the Midwest. I work in the gardens on occassion and do what I can around the Haus, so I won’t go on at length about GAI. Most activites are open to the public and perhaps the best entry-portal for the organization is continental breakfest Kafestube on Saturday mornings. I have met a variety of people from all walks of life during Kafestube. Be sure to reference the schedule for ongoing and one-off events!


Last year I visited a lecture the Korean Hearitage House. It is a small venue, but cozy and family oriented. I felt a little bit out of place at first, but they were very welcoming and shared a lot about their past and hopes for the future. http://hstrial-koreanheritageho.intuitwebsites.com It is a must-see for people interested in East Asian culture.

I am crazy about China, so I like to visit the China Center on the U of MN campus. There is a library there and grad students will open it up and let visitors check out materials. Most of what you read in the newspapers about China has nothing to do with what the majority of Chinese people care about. Actually, I find that worldwide people are essentially similarly motivated, but may differ in approach and background.

What multicultual experiences have other people here had? I know mulitkulti has died in Germany, but in the USA, we have no choice, right?

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