E-DEMOCRACY | Is it hot enough for you? What’s Open, What’s Closed in Minneapolis Parks When Heat Index Reaches 105


The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) offers nearly 100 places to stay cool as temperatures soar. The park system has 12 beaches, 65 wading pools, two water parks, and 18 recreation centers with air conditioning. With the heat index surpassing 105 degrees Monday afternoon, recreation centers without air conditioning have been closed and their programs have been canceled. As heat indexes are expected to continue to exceed 100 degrees this week, recreation centers and programs will be monitored on a daily basis and will be closed or canceled, if needed, for public safety.

Listed below is information about various facilities, programs and events that may be impacted by the heat, as well as tips to stay safe during hot days.

For beach, pool and water park locations and information, visit the Water Recreation page online at www.minneapolisparks.org.

Recreation Centers The park system has 18 recreation centers with air conditioning. For the public’s safety and per its policy, the Park Board closes and cancels programming at 29 recreation centers when the heat index reaches 105 degrees. 

 Recreation Centers with Air Conditioning (* denotes recreation center open July 4): East Phillips*, Farview*, Folwell, Kenwood*, Longfellow*, Lynnhurst*, North Commons, Phillips*, Powderhorn*,

 WINDOM NE*, BOTTINEAU, NORTHEAST, Elliot, Matthews, Windom South, Lake Hiawatha, Loring, and Webber*.

 Recreation Centers without Air Conditioning (** denotes recreation center open July 4): Armatage, AUDUBON, Brackett, Bryant Square, Central, Corcoran, Creekview, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.**, Fuller, Harrison, Hiawatha School, Keewaydin, Kenny, Linden Hills**, LOGAN**, LUXTON, Lyndale Farmstead, McRae, Morris, Nokomis**, Painter, Pearl**, Peavey, Pershing, Sibley, Stewart, WAITE, Whittier** and VAN CLEVE**.

Rec Plus Childcare The Park Board’s Rec Plus childcare program at 14 recreation centers is expected to continue the week of July 2 with site hours modified as needed and activities moved as needed to buildings or field trip locations that are air conditioned. All outdoor trips for the week of July 2 have been modified, cancelled or rescheduled. Rec Plus families will be notified of changes.

Youth Sports When the heat index reaches 105 degrees, the Park Board cancels youth sports games and notifies teams of cancellations.

Adult Sports The Park Board does not cancel adult sports games, however, teams can choose to forfeit at their discretion. Adult sports teams and players are advised to take caution and follow heat safety guidelines when playing.

Outdoor Music and Movies in the Parks At this time, outdoor concerts and movies have not been canceled. Visit www.mplsmusicandmovies.com or the Music and Movies in the Park facebook page for updates.


 Minneapolis Red, White and Boom / Hot Dam 5K – The MPRB will monitor the forecast Monday evening and Tuesday morning and, if necessary, cancel the Hot Dam 5K by noon Tuesday and be sure to notify all race participants. If the heat index reaches 105 degrees, participants under the age of 18 will not be allowed to participate per MPRB policy and will be refunded. There will be several water stations and paramedics on the course to ensure all participants are safe. At this time, all other Minneapolis Red, White and Boom events will go on as scheduled. Visit www.mplsredwhiteboom.com for updates.

Powderhorn Fourth of July Celebration – At this time, the Powderhorn Park Fourth of July celebration will go on as scheduled.

Tangletown Fourth of July Picnic and Parade – At this time, the Tangletown Fourth of July Picnic and Parade at Fuller Park will go on as scheduled.

Other Park Facilities Trails, golf courses, playgrounds, picnic areas, gardens, etc. remain open during days with high heat. Park patrons visiting these facilities are advised to take caution and follow heat safety guidelines.

Heat Safety Tips

The Park Board encourages park users to continue to use parks and trails safely in the excessive heat. To stay safe during exceptionally hot days, follow these safety tips:

 Stay Hydrated – drink more water than usual and don’t wait until you are thirsty to drink more. Avoid alcohol, caffeinated beverages, or liquids containing high amounts of sugar.

Stay Informed – Check local news for extreme heat alerts and forecasts. Learn the symptoms of heat sickness. Sign up to receive Park Board email updates about activities, events and facilities that may be impacted by the weather.

Signs of Heat Sickness – Seek medical care immediately if you or someone you know experiences symptoms of heat sickness. Heat exhaustion symptoms include: heavy sweating, weakness, weak pulse, fainting, vomiting, and cool, pale, clammy skin. Heat stroke symptoms include: body temperature 103 F or higher, rapid and strong pulse, possible unconsciousness, and hot, dry skin.