E-DEMOCRACY | Increased graffiti activity on Snelling Avenue


From: Tom Luhman Date: Jan 05 15:11

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed the increased graffiti activity along Snelling avenue between Thomas and Minnehaha? It appears to have really spiked since Thanksgiving. I’ve reported a couple of incidents to the city, but more just keeps popping up. It’s not just “tagging”, some of it is quite large. I feel for the businesses that have to deal with this. It’s an eyesore.

Blair ave.

From: Jenni Bowring Date: Jan 05 16:03

Goodness, yes!! I sure have, and it some of it clearly took some time to do–which begs the question, how is it that people are able to stand there for a (seemingly long) period of time without being seen? This might be a small-potatoes “crime” to the police, but it creates such a feeling of Snelling Avenue being unimportant. I hate it.


From: Catherine Hefferan Date: Jan 05 16:15

There is a special task force assigned to investigate graffiti–they determine if it is harmless graffiti or gang style “tagging” for territory. Please report your concerns to the police but be sure to ask for the agent in charge of graffiti–its how they keep abreast of gang movement around the city. I don’t have the number or would post it but I’ve also been noticing more small incidents in the area. Also, any US mail boxes are supposed to be managed by their people just need to call it in to our local PO. Hope this helps. We have our hands full at the store–they deface everything from painting on the walls, to urinating in the alcoves, dumping trash, to etching on the windows (for which there is no remedy). They’ve nearly destroyed the (second since I’ve lived here) bus shelter. You’re right, it sucks.

From: Stephanie Digby Date: Jan 05 16:33

It also depends on how many people turn the graffiti information in to the city. If the weather is nasty there is usually less graffiti. You can report it here: http://www.ci.stpaul.mn.us/forms.aspx?FID=65 <http://www.ci.stpaul.mn.us/forms.aspx?FID=65> Stephanie Digby

From: Michelle Fleischhacker Date: Jan 05 16:38

We live on the alley, and the graffiti on businesses has spilled over onto our garage before.

I have taken pictures of it, which I then submitted to the police (you also need to know the approx. size), and then painted over it as soon as I could. I think leaving it up longer encourages more, and rival graffiti, so like Cathy, I would encourage folks to be proactive. Of course, having it happen in the winter makes this more difficult.

I would hazard a guess that most of it in our area is probably not gang-related, my understanding is that that type often includes numbers and symbols?

Good luck-

From: Mira Kehoe Date: Jan 05 17:39

I’ve been meaning to call … I couldn’t believe it’s been up so long. In Minneapolis, property owners get a warning if it’s not painted over within a particular period of time. The city then paints over the graffiti and bills the property owner.

Thanks to all for being proactive on this before it gets worse.

Mira Kehoe

From: Tom Goldstein Date: Jan 05 19:33

I’m not an expert on how the city deals with graffiti, but I know that the last time I called about tagging on the back of the old Midway Chev building (which, unfortunately, is the view I have looking south toward University Ave, given the two empty lots sitting across the street), I was told that the city had a contract with a private company that responds within 24 to 48 hours to graffiti issues. I don’t know if the building owners get assessed for this service or not, but things do seem to get painted over very quickly. Not sure what happens with private homes, but either way it’s a nuisance that nobody should have to deal with. I’ve never personally noticed somebody doing any tagging of this building, but since I’m home most of the time and the building has been hit several times, I’m guessing it must occur very late at night or the wee hours of the morning. Perhaps someone knows whether the police have had any luck with apprehending graffiti artists and what they’ve learned about their modus operandi.

Tom Goldstein

From: Rose Vecellio Date: Jan 05 21:49

I had graffiti two years ago, along with two other neighbors, I called the police and they gave me someone to come and paint, I was not charged

From: Stephanie Digby Date: Jan 05 23:11

I think they do charge now. I know dealing with graffiti and dumping used to be handled by the City, but when I called about dumping on my property last summer, I was put on warning that I was responsible for removing the material within 48 hours. Stephanie Digby

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