E-DEMOCRACY | Hold onto your chickens!


From: Suzanne Stenson O’Brien Date: 16:49

Not to start a flutter of chicken jokes again, but we just chased off another raptor: I think it was either a juvenile bald eagle, or a white morph red tailed hawk.

It was over a foot tall and mostly white, and pretty fluffy. It landed on a shade structure on our patio, just 2 feet from the house, clearly after one of our three free range hens sunning themselves on the back stoop.

We’re on the Birchwood block, and it flew up to a phone pole to watch, then away, but I have no doubt it will be back. Just FYI. (Our ladies our indoors now).

From: Shelly Dahn Date: 20:40

We regularly have hawks in our yard (by Longfellow Elementary). They go after the birds at our bird feeders. I think there is a pair that nests on the 3200 block of 32nd Ave. S.

And we get even more hawks migrating through the neighborhood at this time of the year, as they follow the Mississippi River. So hold onto your chickens.

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