E-DEMOCRACY | Can you take some time to visit the Blue Moon?


From: Theresa Alberti Date: 13:21 UTC

Hi everyone–

I heard from Lisa, the owner of the Blue Moon Cafe on 39th and Lake that the cafe was broken into last night and money was stolen.  I know that they are always struggling a bit to make ends meet, so this is hard for them.  Lisa put out a request for people in the neighborhood to stop by  and buy a little something… they need the business right now.  If you can, she’d sure appreciate it!

We live 3 blocks from the Blue Moon, and love hanging out there– it has such a cozy, homey vibe.  It’s hard to believe that it’s been in the neighborhood for 18 years already, but I know this because it opened just about the time my youngest was born, and he’ll be 18 very soon.  I used to bring him in in his baby carrier when he was tiny, and we’d hang out there while his brother and sister were in pre-school.  He’s pretty much grown up with the Blue Moon!

I know you are all such great supporters of the Longfellow neighborhood… just thought I’d put this info out for you.  I”d hate to see this little cafe go away!


From: kathie Smith Date: 17:21 UTC

So sorry to hear about the break in.
Thanks for the post, Theresa.
Will be visiting Blue Moon today as a sign of support!

From: Malyssa Woodward Date: 18:27 UTC

That’s awful! I’m heading out of town today but will make a note to visit next week. It’s NaNoWriMo month and they usually have write-ins there – hopefully they do this year as well. I remember it being fairly crowded then, which should help. It’s a great little cafe!

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