E-DEMOCRACY | “Blue Bra Bandit” rifling through cars in Powderhorn


From: doug bergert Date: Dec 18

Walked out my back door tonight around 8pm and interrupted some guy rifling through the glove box of my car. He took off and wiped out on the ice. Got up an ran toward 36th Street. I didn’t get a good look at him. He left too quickly to retrieve the blue bra he brought with him. I suspect he was checking other cars in the alley and took it from an earlier victim. I’m not one to leave the car unlocked, but tonight was the exception.

From: Joanne Jongsma Date: Dec 18

This was not tonight, but two nights ago during the power outage, our car also got rifled through. Luckily, it seems that nothing was taken. We are also between 14th and 15th Ave. on the 3500 block. Same guy? Who knows.

A blue bra? That cracks me up.


From: Peter Thomas Date: Dec 18

Not to make light too much of people invading personal space to rob others…and the sad stupid painful mess they must be feeling trapped in… but I gotta say the “Blue Bra Bandit” does have a sort of Holiday jiggle to it. Oh,! jingle. (“Here honey…I brought you 3 traffic tickets, a Ferron CD, 11 Advil, and a pliers…no bras tho.”) ouch.

Happy Holidays… Peter

From: Soo Taylor Date: Dec 18

No undergarments left at the scene, but there is a car with a smashed passenger side window on the 3600 block of 13th. It seems like a pattern may be developing.

From: Beth Kodluboy Date: Dec 18

A friend borrowed my car in September and left it unlocked. I found the change drawer open and empty the next day. I usually lock my car, even though I don’t have really anything in it. My partner had her change stolen out of her car last week. Again, she normally locks her car. I live on 35th and 13th. Clearly, this guy lives within a block of all of us and makes a habit out of checking all the cars as a pattern. We didn’t report these as police incidents, but I think I will from now on. These aren’t real serious crimes, just super annoying livability crimes, which in some ways are a lot more destructive to the neighborhood.

The blue bra is kind of funny though, in a weird way. Sounds like the opening of Coen brothers film.

From: Michael Kehoe Date: Dec 19

I think these thieves are usually looking for change and portable electronics. If you have to leave your car on the street, taking things out of your car, opening the glove box, and leaving the doors unlocked might be less hassle than going through the broken window ordeal (and expense). If they steal the car, that’s a huge step up in difficulty and likely would be done by a more skilled thief who would get in the car whether locked or not.

Just a thought.

From: Jimmy Thornton Date: Dec 20

Hi everyone! My name is Jimmy and I live on 35th and 16th Ave S. I work at the Powderhorn Park. Just about two weeks ago I caught a guy who was going through peoples cars amd I punched him in the face and made him sitt on the curb, I had been walking my dog at 4 am when this incident occured. I did not have my cell phone on me at the time but I put an aweful fright into him.

I did call the police and they search for him, I do not know if they found him or not. I believe he lives some where close to Matts as thats the direction he headed and taunted me. I went to the corner but did not see him any where, but 40 min later just before the police arrived he called out to me again as I stood on the corner. so I have a feeling he lives right around that area, keep you eyes open. guy is 5’8″ light skin color with a trimmed goatee he’s hispanic or white. he had on a black Jacket (oversized) blue jeans and wore a blue stocking cap.

I’m up late most often and always keep an eye out for trouble makers. PLEASE Keep you cars and trucks locked as it deters repeats and keep your electronics out of sight or taje them with you.

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