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Hey, all.  I just found the little flyer about this site on my mailbox and I’m super excited about the possibility of communicating with neighbors.  We live in D2, so I’m probably going to frequent the spin-off group. 

Just the other day, my partner and I were saying to each other that we wish we could go around asking all our Eastside neighbors to share any best-kept secret sort of stuff about living in this part of town.  It takes us so long to find things on our own! 

Here are the handful of things we know and love after living here for 8(!) years.  We want to spend more time getting to know our neighbors and our part of the city.  I don’t know where the technical geographical boundaries of the Greater Eastside lay, so sorry if I mention things that aren’t genuine Eastside. 

I wouldn’t have know about the Eastsider breakfast special at The Little Oven unless the folks I bought my house from had told me about it.  We go there just to get the special. 

In 2010, we discovered The Strip Club and their fantastic burgers and cocktails.  I work at a church, though, so it’s hard to talk about the place without having to explain at length. 

In addition to Lake Phalen, we also love our little Frost Lake because several migratory birds stop and sometimes nest there.  Our neighbor is the volunteer Park Steward and she organizes clean-ups and weed-pulls. 

We love the folks at Kendall’s ACE Hardware.  For a while, you could recycle #5-7 plastics there, with the help of a Girl Scout Troop.  Is that still the case?  Excited about their new location on Phalen Blvd. 

The East Side YMCA is fantastic, as is Vertical Endeavors — only way to survive January and February, for us. 

We’re super grateful for the ENDC’s help with the lead paint on our windows. Replacing the windows with grant support allowed us to parent foster kids. 

The dog park at Arlington & Arkwright is a great little community amenity, too. 

What else do we love?  The Vento Trail, the Hmong shopping center on Johnson & Phalen, the annual Waterfest at Phalen. 

Oh, and even though it’s technically in Maplewood, we’re totally delighted to have found (late in life) the Plaza Theater with it’s $2 second-run movies and affordable popcorn. 

Woo hoo!  We love our neighbors.  Folks take care of each other. 

What do YOU love about the East Side?  Where are all the gems hidden?  Wax poetical here.


And from Loretta Novak:

Glad you found the e-democracy site–it’s a great way to get info. or to get news out to everyone on the eastside. 

Since you live in D2 I can tell you about its boundries:  Larpenteur to Minnehaha and McKnight Road to Johnson Parkway/RR bream.  Hope sometime that you and your partner drop in on D2’s Community Council meetings which are open to all neighbors.  It meets every 3rd Wednesday at the Hazel Park Rec Center. We are very concerned about what happens in our neighborhoods.  The website is www.district2council.org   

Another gem is the North East Living at Home/Block Nurse Program which is dedicated to assisting our elders 65+ to remain in their own homes in dignity, safety and choice for as long as they can.  website: www.nenbnp.com  We are always looking for volunteers for a variety of capacities so if you are looking for a volunteer opportunity ….. 

(you can see where that is going!!) 

That statement is also for anyone else who is reading this e-mail. 

Our district does not have a community center for seniors or anyone else for that matter.  To remedy that oversight for our seniors the Block Nurse program is opening a center July 17th, 1:0 0-3: 00 pm.  Sojourners Coffee Cafe has graciously opened its doors for the seniors and the gracefully aging 50+. There will be visiting, games etc. or just hanging out.  The Block Nurse program also asks neighbors to keep an eye on any elder living on their block & to call the program if there seems to be a problem.  Phone # 651-808-1901.    Glad to have you as a neighbor.  


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