E-DEMOCRACY | Another drug store at Snelling and University?


From: Tom Luhman Date: Jan 07 22:21

I’m not sure how many people are aware of some changes in the works for the American Bank at University and Snelling Avenue. . . The Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal published an article back on December 21 stating that the American Bank at 1578 University Avenue is planning to sell its building to a Twin Cities developer of Walgreens stores. In my opinion, it would be over-kill and a bit disappointing to have a Walgreens sitting across the intersection from the CVS pharmacy.

Here is a link to the article: http://www.bizjournals.com/twincities/blog/banking/2012/12/american-bank-st-paul-selling-HQ.html?surround=etf&ana=e_article

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St. Paul, MN 55104

From: Jess Mikkelson Date: Jan 07 22:38

Seeing as there already is a Walgreens in Midway Center, I don’t think moving it to the bank building is that much of a big deal.

From: Stephanie Digby Date: Jan 07 22:39

Typical for their fight. Snyders is now out of business. I now pay more for Medicare D so that I cna avoid them. There are three independents now that I know of within a reasonable distance, plus those with the clinics. So, Lloyds, Setzer, and Corner Pharmacy. Stephanie Digby

From: Peter Hoh Date: Jan 07 22:47

I think the objection has more to do with the lack of imagination for what is a significant intersection on the light rail line.

I will continue to patronize Lloyd’s.


From: Mira Kehoe Date: Jan 07 22:56

Right …it could be seen as an opportunity for more than standard retail…


From: Yer Vang Date: 00:42

I don’t understand. Are they planning to open another Walgreens across CVS or move Walgreens from the Midway Center over there? Those are 2 different things. And thank goodness somebody knows Lloyd’s too. They are convenient of location and service also.

From: Craig Finseth Date: 00:54

As I understood it, they were planning on moving Walgreens to the current liquor store space. The reason is so that they can have a drive-up window.

The American Bank building involvement is news to me.


From: Theresa Nelson Date: 19:12

My wife and I were at American Bank yesterday for business. The branch manager said that it would be Walgreen’s taking over the space. Hopefully they will make it similar to the one on Snelling with the drive up pharmacy window.

From: Monica Gallagher Date: 19:30

I have been told all Amer. Bank customers need to transfer their assets by March. There’s a helpful, kind staff person named Cheryl helping some of the seniors we serve to do this. It represents a big change for many neighborhood clients!

–Monica Gallagher

Monica Gallagher
Service Director, Hamline Midway Elders

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