Dwanyen to Launch his candidacy to lead the organization of Liberians in Minnesota ( OLM )


Former president of the Liberian Association of Michigan in early 1980s, Kerper Dwanyen plans to run for the top leadership of the Organization of Liberians in Minnesota. Dwanyen, who resides in Minnesota now, says his wealth of experience in personal and corporate financial planning, business financial planning, community development and so on will give him the edge over other candidates running for the OLM position.

“For decades, Liberians in Minnesota have yearned for an organization that will perform to our expectations by providing much needed services, advocating our interests, and serving as a unifying force in our community”. “Although we can point to measurable gains made by previous administrations, the pattern has been one of ups and downs with more downs than ups. Today we find ourselves at a down point when all hopes had been for a sustained upturn.” said in a press release. “Understanding the undying aspirations of Liberians in Minnesota to realize the full potential of our community, and after careful consideration and consultations with diverse cross sections of our population, I resolved that the Organization of Liberians in Minnesota, OLM needs to adopt a new approach to the way it operates in order to break the cycle of ups and downs and chart a new course towards meaningful and sustainable achievement.” Tehmeh added.

He said this course must be navigated by leadership that is competent, experienced, dedicated and honest. These criteria are indispensable in ensuring success on this path because a deficiency in any of them means that the goal is in jeopardy, something we can no longer afford. In this vein, I decided to accept the petitions of a great many of our compatriots and seek election as President of the OLM.

“My goal is to build an organization we all will be proud of. I have assembled a team of competent, experienced, dedicated and honest professionals to accomplish that task. With great pride and joy, I ask you to support our leadership team by doing all that is within your means to ensure this dynamic team is elected on December 2nd to usher in “Reform for Performance and Unity: The Way Forward.”

Kerper’s running mates included Andrew G. Tehmeh for the position of Vice- President, Kulah A. Parker, Treasurer, Thalia M. Cooper, General Secreta, Deddeh Tulay, Parliamentarian & Rev. Geraldine Freeman – Chaplain