The Duties and Responsibilities of Being a Sidekick at the Minnesota Fringe Festival


The Duties and Responsibilities of Being a Sidekick is the inaugural production of the Barkada Theater Project. It is fun family show that humorously depicts the life of Barrel Man and his fellow disgruntled sidekicks. However, the villain is telegraphed too early; I would have liked to have been surprised. But the show as a whole is a hoot.

The performance of Randy Reyes as Barrel Man anchors the show. Barrel Man is the sidekick of Gentlemen Li (Allen Malicsi) , a boss who does none of the work but gets all of the credit. Like many people these days, Barrel Man is grateful to have a secure job but would like a little respect, or at least a Superheroes ALIAS union card with health insurance coverage. And just like Peter Parker, he wishes he was smoother with the ladies.

The show is listed as “For ages 12+. Contains violence and strobe lights.” But the violence is of the comic book zap-boom-bang style. There is also quite a bit of sexual innuendo. Again, it is of the cartoonish variety. I would feel comfortable bringing a nine or ten year old.