DreamHaven Books for your science fiction, fantasy, and horror needs


Although DreamHaven is a newcomer to 38th St. and 23rd Ave., it is actually a long-standing business. For those who don’t know, DreamHaven carries a large selection of new and used science fiction, fantasy, and horror books as well as an award-winning selection of comic books. The store has won the Will Eisner Spirit of Retail Award (an international award for outstanding comic book retailers) and various City Pages “Best Of” awards for Best Comic Book Store and Best Science-Fiction Book Store.

DreamHaven’s owner, Greg Ketter, has been in the book business since 1977, starting out in St. Paul as Star Lite Books. Eventually Greg and all his books moved to downtown Minneapolis, then to Dinkytown, then to Uptown, and, finally, to our neighborhood in 2008. Greg has been to every World Science Fiction Convention since 1975 and every World Fantasy Convention since 1980, selling books at nearly all of the conventions. He can also be found at regional conventions such as Minicon and CONvergence. Locally, DreamHaven hosts a monthly reading series, Speculations, with Eric Heideman of Tales of the Unanticipated magazine. Upcoming events can be found at http://www.meetup.com/MNspec/calendar/list/.

The Internet has made it possible for Greg to contact buyers from all over the world who otherwise might not know what he has for sale. Competing against large online sellers like Amazon can be difficult for small booksellers, but since Greg is a niche dealer he has been able to hold his own in the market. Of course, it helps to have the support of well-known writers such as Neil Gaiman.

Books, comics, and other merchandise such as toys and posters can be purchased on DreamHaven’s Web site-but why would you do that when you can experience the fun of browsing through this specialty store? Besides, if you shop at DreamHaven online, you would miss out on a chance encounter with the likes of actor Bill Murray or author Michael Chabon.

The Internet has changed the business and clientèle of DreamHaven and so has the store’s new location. More kids and families come into the 38th Street store. Greg says, “It’s fun having small children getting their first comic books and helping them find things both interesting and appropriate.”
Greg can be found in the store most days and he’s happy to help you or your kids find that perfect comic or novel! Stop in and say hi to one of Minneapolis’s longest-standing independent booksellers. Let him know we’re happy to have DreamHaven Books in our neighborhood!

DreamHaven Books and Comics: 2301 E. 38th St., 823-6161, http://dreamhavenbooks.com/.

Open: Tuesday through Saturday, noon to 7:00 p.m. Closed: Sunday and Monday.