Dr. Jekyll and Dr. Jekyll, the Beasts, Phil the Void, and This is Where Your Free Time Goes to Die: Minnesota Fringe Festival


I’d been looking forward to The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Dr. Jekyll at Theatre in the Round. Written by Fringe favorite Tim Uren, this show is awesome. Dr. Jekyll develops a magic potion, but, due to a little mix up, it ends up in the hands of his maid. Jekyll carries on as if he had, indeed, consumed the monster cocktail – and hilarity ensues. Very solid, a clever twist on a classic tale. Highly recommended. Some adult themes. See it Saturday at 8:30 or Sunday at 2:30.

The Beasts wasn’t on my radar until late into the festival. I’m not familiar with Ben Egerman’s work – and found him to be extremely talented. The Beasts is billed as a dark comedy, with puppets…it’s a sci-fi, post-apocalyptic story of humans considering opening the door and breaking out of the apartment complex where they’ve been holed up, with the flip side represented by the animals living on the outside, fearing the day the door opens and the humans emerge.  Highly recommended. Awesome fringy Fringe show. See it at the Augsburg Studio tonight (Thursday) at 10 and Sunday at 1.

Decided to go back for round two of Phil the Void’s Motherbanking Bankholes at HUGE because 1. It was convenient, and 2. HUGE sells beer. So glad we did – we loved Phil’s opening show, but in the time since then, he’s refined and adjusted, and last night’s performance was off the hook. The sold-out house ate it up. Phil is a funny guy – a very smart stand-up comedian. You’ll learn a thing or two about how messed up our banking industry is, but it will be so enjoyable that you won’t mind. Only one more show!! Friday at 7, HUGE Theater.

Over to Bryant-Lake Bowl for This Is Where Your Free Time Goes to Die. Going into it, I only knew that Curt Lund would be performing – always a good sign. I didn’t know until I was seated and reading the program that Curt, along with two others, would be performing (at points reading from binders) a series of very funny blog entries written by Tim Gage, who died from cancer last year at the age of 30. Somehow this information made me like the show better, though it certainly stands on its own. If you can forget about the overwhelming sadness of the reality of the situation, this is a damn funny show and a lovely tribute to a talented comedic writer, gone too soon. Bryant-Lake Bowl, Thursday at 10, Friday at 5:30 and Saturday at 8:30.