Documentary with Minnesota family makes Oscar list


A documentary about the intersection of Christianity and homosexuality that includes Randi, Phil and Jake Reitan formerly of Mankato, Minn., is on the short list of contenders for the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature, The Mankato Free Press reports.

The film, “For the Bible Tells Me So,” recounts the struggles of gay Christians and their families. It was a big hit in Minneapolis this fall and screenings for the film were extended twice due to its popularity, a success that was mirrored around the country. The film is now one of 15 documentaries on the short list for nominations, which are to be announced January 22.

“If Phil and I had seen a film like this one before Jake came out to us, it would have helped us immensely. We were clueless when it came to understanding homosexuality when Jake told us he was gay. We knew no ‘out’ gay person,” Randi told Minnesota Monitor in October. “To have watched five families on their journey to understanding would have helped us on our own.”

With Oscar buzz, the film may get even more exposure in the coming months and families around the country will have an opportunity to see it as smaller cities are now screening the film. Mankato theaters will show it Jan. 29-31.