Do you love the Midtown Farmers Market? Join the campaign to preserve the market at the Midtown LRT Station


The redevelopment process of 2225 E Lake Street has been long, complex, and slow moving. Yet Corcoran residents need to make it clear to future real estate development companies, the Minneapolis School Board, and other public officials that the Midtown Farmers Market is an incredible asset to the community and needs to be the centerpiece of the site’s redevelopment.

Here’s what neighbors are saying about the Market’s importance:

“Our household buys more and fresher produce at great prices from local growers all season long. We eat better because of that.” – Emma Bull

“The market is in a centrally located, easy to access location. I almost always go there by bike, but I think it’s great that it’s right on the light rail and bus lines, and also that it has some on-site parking if you go by car.” – Kelly Doudna

“We get to know who grows our food and where it comes from. We support the local economy both in the city and in rural Minnesota.” -Gerry Tyrrell

“Besides its commercial value, it is always a place to see old friends who are also shopping, and meet new friends with creative ideas. This place is an absolutely wonderful cultural gem.” – Jocinda Gaynor

“The Midtown (Farmers) Market is what an urban market is supposed to be. It has an organic and fresh feel to it. Moving it really would be a disadvantage to the neighborhood residents who frequent it.” – Linda S Miller

“It serves a huge, diverse market of people twice a week. (The Midtown Farmers Market) are pioneers of working with the community and deserve a permanent spot.” – Jill Marckel

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