DIY networking shows off in Minneapolis


Local fashion designers, fashionistas tired of shopping at the mall or anyone interested in handmade goods—have we found an event for you! This weekend, Arise! Bookstore and the Belfry Center are presenting the second annual DIY fashion show.

The idea for the show came from the success of the DIY Summer Series hosted by the two collectives last summer. Events were held almost every weekend related to DIY, and the Fashion Show was the biggest success of the series.

“Last year’s show was a huge success,” said Farrell. “This year looks like it will be even bigger. We’ve been promoting it more and in different ways—we have a MySpace group, for example. We have more designers, too.”

DIY Fashion Show – Saturday, June 14 at 2441 Lyndale Avenue South, Minneapolis. Doors open at 3 p.m. for sales, socializing, styling. Catwalk at 6 p.m. Catwalk For more information about the Arise! and Belfry DIY Fashion Show, visit their MySpace page at

The main event is the runway show beginning at 6 p.m. at Arise! (2441 Lyndale Ave. S., Minneapolis), but the catwalk is not the only feature of the day. Stylists will be available to give haircuts and makeovers. There will also be a shop open to sell items handmade by our designers, silent auction and a juice and tea bar.

“The clothes [for the runway show and shop] are made by local designers,” said Farrell. “There are really no special requirements other than there has to be some element of DIY or being handmade. Some people choose to alter store-bought or found clothes. Others make them from scratch. We want to keep everything as open as possible so the designers can express themselves more freely.”

The event showcases not only local fashion, but the missions of both Arise! and The Belfry Center.

“ARISE! and Belfry both work towards cultural change,” explained Farrell. “By showcasing all the local talent and all the things you can make yourself, we are rejecting the idea that the only way to look good is to go to the Big Mall and get clothes made by children in sweatshops.”

Arise! Bookstore is an all-volunteer, collectively run bookstore and resource center. Since 1993, Arise! has provided alternative books and periodicals, space for public events and an community for the collective’s members to undertake projects to support the group’s mission.

The Belfry Center is a three-year-old collective that hosts DIY, art, music and educational events. Although they’ve experienced challenges with space and funding recently, they are still working towards their mission to foster democracy and build community through the arts, activism, media and education.

Katie Anderson is a freelance writer in Minneapolis.