District 12 Council elections coming


Elections will be held Tuesday, April 11 for representatives to the St. Anthony Park (District 12) Community Council. Polls are open 4–8 p.m. at the St. Anthony Park Library (2245 Como Ave.) and Hampden Park Co-op (928 Raymond Ave.), and 4–7 p.m. at 808 Berry Pl. Voting is open to all neighborhood residents age 16 and up.

Residents of north St. Anthony Park will elect three delegates and two alternates. Residents of south St. Anthony Park will elect two delegates and two alternates.

Call the Community Council office (649-5992) with questions or to receive an absentee ballot.
In the statements below, candidates responded to the following question: What does citizen participation mean to you, and what skills, strengths or knowledge would you bring to the Community Council?


Matt Carlson
College student

Citizen participation is being a part of a whole. This means playing an active role in strengthening and building community relationships, not only between St. Anthony Park and surrounding communities but also between our neighbors in the Park. For me, this is serving on the St. Anthony Park Community Council. I bring to the council a year of experience, part of which was helping to form the Community Connections Committee. I also have a lifetime of experience of living in the Park, which gives me an intimate knowledge of the geography and culture of the Park.

Wilbur D. “Chris” Donaldson

Citizen participation is an opportunity to sustain and improve the quality and vitality of the District 12 neighborhoods and communities, whether residential, commercial, industrial or mixed. I have been a resident of St. Anthony Park for 39 years. I am a retired public broadcasting executive and state government manager. I have a B.S. degree from Iowa State University and completed the Humphrey Institute Leadership Program. I am a WW II and Korean War Air Force veteran, a Civil Air Patrol member and former Minnesota Wing Commander, and former chair of the St. Paul Red Cross and North Central Blood Region. Other activities include Boy Scouts, Better Business Bureau, Citizens League and Center for Policy Studies. I am married with two children and two grand-children. I am a member of Hamline United Methodist Church. Assets include government, business and nonprofit experience; public policy familiarity; and ability to work cooperatively with others in problem situations.

Christopher Kalla

I was born in St. Paul and have lived in St. Anthony Park for the past six years. I will bring 14 years of construction and transportation experience to the District Council — six years as a surveyor for MnDOT, six years as a construction project manager and two years as a real estate/construction attorney. I have already begun to work with the District Council on a transportation task force, and if elected, I would also serve on the Land Use Committee. I think
St. Anthony Park is a great neighborhood and I hope to make it even better.

Brian Longely
Media services director

It seems development and change is coming faster to our neighborhood. Light rail transit, new housing and business developments, the vision of a bioscience district along Hwy. 280 — we as citizens must be proactive and guide these processes from the grassroots on up. There is real work to be done and there are exciting opportunities to make an even better community for everyone. I am finishing my first term on the Community Council, currently serving as co-chair of the Land Use Committee. I am still learning, as we all are. I believe we learn by doing.

Hannah Longely
Student, Como High School

It is the role of good citizens to help their neighborhoods where they can. As a high school student, I feel that it’s important for people to exercise their role as citizens as early as possible, and for all ages to be represented on the Community Council. I’m very comfortable working with groups and love the atmosphere of open discussion. I’m also patient as a listener and a learner, while being decisive. I would love to add my input to the council and to gain more experience with local issues.

Roger Purdy
Construction project manager

Citizen participation is a right and responsibility for each of us. My family has lived in St. Anthony Park for three years and I now feel ready to take on this responsibility. As a homeowner, a father and a neighbor, I’m very concerned that St. Anthony stay a friendly, healthy, safe and welcoming place for all in the face of some large upcoming changes. I want new development in St. Anthony Park to work for developers, homeowners and residents. My experience as a project manager at Kraus-Anderson Construction gives me experience seeing both sides of development issues.


Rick Macpherson

My family and I have lived in south St. Anthony Park for more than 20 years. I have been a delegate to the Community Council for the past two years. My work has included review of the Catholic Charities and JPI student housing developments. My service on the Community Council has taught me how the city and Community Council operate. Development along University Ave. will bring significant changes to this neighborhood. The neighborhood must play a significant role in those developments. I want to use my experience and skills to help make those changes as positive as possible.

Mia Perron-Deeb
Production assistant (former owner, Mia’s Roasting Stones)

For the last six years I have been a strong part of this community by owning my own café on the southwest corner of University Ave. and Raymond. I have always loved the neighbor-hood, the community and the uniqueness that is St. Anthony Park. Although I no longer have my business, I am employed and live in St. Anthony Park. I am familiar with almost all the business owners and the organizations established in this area. I am a past executive director of Arts Off Raymond and plan on continuing my involvement. I relate in a comfortable, authentic way with the business owners, residents, artists, nonprofit and political organizations in the area. I would bring knowledge, energy and leadership to the community that I share with you all.

Arnold Ramler
Automotive/motorcycle mechanic

I’ve served as an alternate and then delegate for south St. Anthony Park for a year, and sat on the Land Use Committee. Citizen participation means to give back to the community you live in. You have to give to get. I am hard working and responsible and concerned about St. Anthony Park, and want to make it a better place to live.

Emily Woodal
International Institute of Minnesota

I moved to south St. Anthony Park a few years ago, attracted by its small-town charm and big-city location — an optimal place to raise my family. This community has historic roots, progressive thinking and a future that is shaped by its passionate residents. I view myself as the next generation of St. Anthony Park and wish to bring forward my ideas of increasing sustainable transporta-tion (light rail), facilitating urban connectivity (bike routes) and examining land use issues, all while maintaining the sense of community that makes this niche of St. Paul so special.