Detached, The Last Ditch, and Losing My Religion at the Minnesota Fringe Festival


It’s the final countdown! 

Yesterday I saw three very nice shows that I won’t discourage you from attending — they’re all solid. Detached: The Return of the Pastor Brothers is a perfectly nice story of two brothers stranded on a desert island, and what happens when a hat appears to disrupt their dull but comfortable existence. Last chance Saturday at 7 at Mixed Blood.

Then on to Callahan and Lingo present The Last Ditch. Rob and Allegra are both seasoned storytellers, and if you’re into that kind of thing, you should check them out. I know that Allegra has pushed beyond her “ususal” style a bit; and I liked the darkness of the stories. They pulled this show together practically minutes before the festival started (a slot opened up on the schedule), but you wouldn’t know it by watching. Last chance Sunday at 1 in the Rarig Arena.

Next to the Augsburg Studio to see Seth Lapore in Losing My Religion: Confessions of a New Age Refugee. Seth has mastered morphing into some dozen different characters in this one man, many personalities show. Well done. Last chance, today (Friday) at 5:30.

I closed my night with a last dose of the Four Clowns, who have now packed it up and left town. Come see us again some time, okay?