Destination: Target Field 2010


by Jean Gabler | 6/23/09 • Wednesday at 2:03 p.m. is my seat selection time for Target Field. Each season ticket holder is given access in three-minute intervals in order of priority.

I think the Twins have done a great job of managing priority and getting information out. I finally spent some time today looking over all the material the Twins have sent out and spending time on the Web site. If anything the Twins have given us so much information that it was hard to get some of my basic questions answered. I was finally able to determine the direction of the sun and the location of the downtown skyline. I am still not sure if the seats I am looking at are under the canopy or what kind of view of the scoreboard I will have or if I will be able to see the entire field. I finally decided that I just have to make a choice and go for it. I guess I really won’t know for sure until Target Field opens next spring.

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What I do know is that baseball in Minnesota will never be the same again. I am actually going to miss some things about the Metrodome. Foremost is knowing exactly what to expect each time as far as temperature and playing conditions. I was at the Dome last Saturday evening and it felt really good to walk into the air conditioning with game time temperature 70 degrees in the Dome and 84 outside. I also think the players are going to miss the consistent environment they have played in at the Dome. It certainly isn’t any more fun playing in cold temperatures and rain than it is sitting in it to watch a game.

I am also going to miss my seats in the Home Run Porch. There are no comparable seats in Target Field. The seats in the same location are under an overhang and have no view of the scoreboard. Having heard so much about the amazing scoreboard the Twins are going to have, I think it would be frustrating to have no view of it. On the other hand, the highest row at Target Field is comparable to about Row 15 of the upper deck in the Dome so I think we will be much closer to the field no matter where we sit.

For those of us who don’t really remember Metropolitan Stadium or haven’t had the opportunity to visit other ball fields, we can’t imagine what it will be like to be in a real baseball stadium rather than on a football field. As my brother pointed out to me, most of the seats in the Dome face straight out into the outfield. If you want to see the batter you have to turn to the right and try to look around the other fans sitting in the row. Until I got smart enough to move over to the Home Run Porch, I would sit back, listen to the game on my radio, and only try to look in when a ball was put into play.

We are being assured over and over that there won’t be a bad seat at Target Field. I finally decided to trust them, make my selection and wait for next season. It will certainly be an adventure!

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