Demmer challenges Walz and Dems’ ‘culture of dependency’


As expected, state Rep. Randy Demmer announced Tuesday morning that he’ll be challenging U.S. Rep. Tim Walz for the First Congressional District seat. In a call with the Minnesota Independent, he said he’s a clear alternative to second-termer Walz, who he says supports a “culture of dependency, entitlement” and the “idea that government is supposed to provide for everybody.”

A farmer for 18 years, the Hayfield Republican is taking aim at Walz’s seat for the second time: In 2008, he vied for the GOP endorsement but was bested by Brian Davis. Walz won the general election with 63 percent of the vote.


This time around, Demmer’s “going to try to get the delegates to like me better,” he said, quickly adding, “I was being facetious, obviously.”

In terms of big-picture issues, he sees a stark contrast to Walz. His vision of “what government is supposed to be” includes national security, infrastructure-building and “creating a lattice for people to succeed” individually. He thinks job growth should happen in the private sector, rather than be the result of government intervention. He sees Walz and the Democrats as too involved with “micromanaging” healthcare, business and the economy.

He acknowledges he’s got a ways to go, especially in fundraising.

“I have raised some money,” he said, “but we’re just getting started.”