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The Dayton’s Bluff Seniors (DBS) Living at Home/Block Nurse program began in 2008 in partnership with the University of Minnesota.  Our mission is to serve the community with health-related care to the elderly and the disabled.  From a base office in the First Lutheran School at 8th Street and Maria Avenue,  efforts focus on helping aging Dayton’s Bluff residents to live independently while remaining in their own homes as long as possible.  The program initially supports elder independence through education to seniors and related care providers in the areas of in-home safety, with special emphasis on fall prevention.  Referrals come from family members, clinics, clients, and community service providers such as Senior Linkage and Merrick Community Services.  DBS nursing staff then makes home visits to determine the individual’s needs for specific safety and care resulting in recommendations for services and support

Dayton’s Bluff Seniors has established several ongoing programs to assist needy seniors and the disabled who live in the Dayton’s Bluff Area.  The five main programs include the “Love Grows Here” Wellness Center, the Parkway Gardens Wellness Center, Project Awareness, Project Destination; and the recently added Wilson Hi-Rise Wellness Center.

  • Love Grows Here Wellness Center – The Center is a collaborative of three community partners: First Lutheran Church, Metropolitan State University, and Dayton’s Bluff Seniors.  At this Center participants learn the importance of wellness as it pertains to mind, body, and spirit through the use of alternative and traditional methods of pain and stress relief.  Services offered include, but are not limited to the following: blood pressure checks, healing touch therapy/ Reki healings, chronic disease care, health education, nutritional education, medical triage and referrals, foot care, and community suppers.  The intention of the Center is to support community members who may not be able to afford these services while training future community health care providers.  For the uninsured and under-insured we desire to offer a community wellness model to support the transition from a life of homelessness and vulnerability to one of stability and safety.  
  • Parkway Gardens Wellness Center – This Center provides a safe and confidential place where seniors can learn to monitor their health and obtain advocacy, coaching, and referrals when needed.
  • Project Awareness – This project provides senior healthcare and disease prevention education, and available resources and policy education.  The goal is to educate the community, seniors, healthcare workers, and politicians about healthcare issues, needs, and overall economic and social benefits to families and the community alike.
  • Project Destination – Utilizing a broad base of DBS community volunteers this project provides seniors with transportation to and from doctor appointments, grocery stores, and various recreational opportunities.
  • Wilson Hi-Rise Wellness Center – This new Center comprises a clinic set up within Saint Paul Public Housing at1300 Wilson Ave.  As an effective partnership with theUniversity ofMinnesota DBS brings foot care and wellness monitoring to the residents in the building while providing valuable training for the nursing students assigned to participate.

Dayton’s Bluff Seniors

A Living at Home/Block Nurse Program

Maryann Chowen, PHN, Executive Director

463 Maria Ave.,St. Paul,MN55106

651-776-7210 x 303

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