Dayton meets with Republican leaders


Beware of Republicans bearing gifts? When Governor-elect Dayton met with Republican Senate Leaders Senators Amy Koch and Geoff Michel, they mentioned they’d given him a giant jar of Peanut M&M’s. “Somebody had done some culinary research,” said Dayton. But serious issues were discussed too : Jobs and the economy. 

The press wanted them to talk about Metrodome replacement, but Senator Michel batted back with maybe the strongest quote of the love-fest presser. “The picture, the photo, the YouTube is dramatic, but I don’t think it’s anymore dramatic or anymore urgent than the state of our economy. Our economy has deflated, our state jobs picture has flatlined, so we might have spent a minute and half today with Governor Dayton talking about the Metrodome.” 

“The budget will dominate the session,” said Senator Geoff Michel, adding, “”I’m optimistic, I’m will make one bold prediction here, and hopefully not bring any disrespect to people I have served with before, My guess is the new governor is going to get along a lot better with this Majority Leader than the last two individuals who held these positions.”