Dancing to the beat of different drummers?


Drums exist in almost all cultures and are one of the earliest musical instruments ever played by humans. Do you play or have a favorite type of drumming? Why do we ask? Because the Arts and Culture Committee of the Dayton’s Bluff Community Council wants to hear from you. They are hoping to have a multicultural drumming event in late September in a yet-to-be determined Dayton’s Bluff location at which you can listen or even dance to the various rhythms.

The idea is having people or groups who enjoy performing on African drums, American Indian drums, Irish drums, Hmong drums, Karen brass drums, Aztec-style Latino drums, classical timpani kettle drums, Japanese taiko drums, jazz drums, elementary school group drum groups, to name only a few possibilities.

If you are a drummer and might be interested in playing, or if you can suggest someone that you feel should be contacted, the group wants to hear from you. Or, if you would be willing to be part of a group that will be planning the event, help see that the beat goes on. For more information, please contact Sage Holben at 651-528-0662 or Tabitha Derango at tabitha@daytonsbluff.org.