Damn You Auto Caress at the Minnesota Fringe Festival


We never miss the Youth Performance Company’s fringe shows. They are consistently some of the best offerings of theater for teens by teens. With some guidance, the youth create an entire musical from scratch-producing, writing, designing, etc. Sometimes these kind of productions feel like a pedagogical recital. Damn You Auto Caress rises above the genre of educational theater to make an engaging dark comedy with music that makes truthful observations about our technology driven world.

Damn You Auto Caress should really be called Damn You Steve Jobs, the title of the opening song. The large cast takes turns delivering funny lines similar to the site damnyouautocorrect.com. Skits about auto-correct mishaps ruining the characters’ social lives get darker and funnier as the show goes on. Whether or not it is intentional, there is a bit of Godspell in this show.

There is quite a bit of salty language and double entendre in the show, which the cast delivers with glee. The artists’ page lists it as 16+; I would rate it PG13.

Audience members also receive a 50% off coupon for YPC’s next production Mean in October.