Daily Planet headlines: Your guide to the precinct caucuses



A guide to Minnesota’s 2008 Precinct Caucuses
by Steve Share, Minneapolis Labor Review
If you plan to attend your Precinct Caucus for the first time, congratulations for committing a few hours to be a citizen active in the electoral process! All of Minnesota’s major political parties are required by state law to conduct precinct-level caucuses. Minnesota has an open process: All eligible voters may participate. You simply choose which party’s caucus to attend

Activists push for systemic human rights reforms
by Anna Pratt, Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder
Is a fourth branch of state government needed to handle enforcement of the laws?


Seward plays winter wonderland for national ad
by Jeremy Stratton, The Bridge
Things were just a little out of the ordinary near 38th Avenue South and Seabury Avenue on Wednesday, Jan. 23. A car blocked access to the street, where a line of onlookers watched from the sidewalk as an SUV turned the corner past a tree, its lower branches covered in ice.

Minnesota native Wippman named new Law School dean
by Emma Carew, Minnesota Daily
The search committee for hiring the dean began with a list of 200 potential candidates.

Minn. Department of Health to fund HIV/AIDS Education
by Mshale Staff
The Minnesota Department of Health will spend $250,000 over the next 21 months to fund public health nonprofit organizations dedicated to HIV/AIDS testing, care and education, an official said.


Bridge Victims Fund and the NTSB: A survivor’s perspective
by Kimberly Brown
My name is Kimberly Brown. I am a Minneapolis resident and 35W bridge collapse survivor. I was in car B3, which landed partially in the river hanging from its front wheels on a slab of concrete on the south end of the bridge.


Muslims, too often voiceless in America, possess the solution
by Rawan Hamade, Engage Minnesota
Two years ago, I sat nervously in one of my professor’s offices. He asked a very simple question that changed my thinking completely: “Are you Muslim?”