Daily Planet headlines: Temporary victory for Arden Manor residents



Temporary victory for Arden Manor residents
by Mary Schoen, TC Daily Planet
There was standing room only inside Arden Hills City Hall Monday night as Arden Manor manufactured-home park residents and their allies wearing “vote NO” stickers came to beg the City Council to vote “no” to a development proposal that would make a dramatic impact upon their beloved community. Emotionally charged comments came from so many citizens that Arden Hills City Council extended the meeting an extra forty-five minutes in order to complete the remaining business on the agenda.

NRP post-2009: $3 million city-controlled?
by Gail Olson, The Northeaster
NRP lite? Or NRP not at all?

Parenting Oasis: ‘A place to pee alone’
by Mary Turck, TC Daily Planet
Massage therapy, hot tea and homemade cookies attract 40-50 people on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (including about half “little people.”) Moms say there are other reasons to come to the Parenting Oasis at Calvary Lutheran Church on the corner of 39th Street and Chicago Avenue.

Ray of hope: will Nordyke era bring new openness and order to Minneapolis park board affairs?
by Chris Steller, special to the Daily Mole
“Change” may be the watchword for U.S. presidential candidates, but it’s also in the air at the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board, where this month commissioners reorganized themselves under a new president, electing first-termer Tom Nordyke to lead the city’s independent park board and raising hopes for a sharp turn toward good government and fiscal responsibility.

Bioethicist Steven Miles to speak on medical complicity in torture
by Diana Rajchel, TC Daily Planet
Dr. Steven Miles found one falsified death certificate after another showing that medical doctors at Guantanamo Bay were complicit in the torture of detainees. While an isolated few actually engaged in torture themselves, nearly all the medics there covered-up treatment reports as a matter of course. After combing through 100,000 pages of government documents, Miles has found incident after incident where medics stood by as soldiers abused men, women, and children. He doesn’t know why the doctors cooperated with torture and murder. He does know that torture doesn’t work.

Views and Reviews

Interview: Funnyman K Jay
by Dwight Hobbes, TC Daily Planet
K Jay is a singular presence in contemporary comedy. Yours truly had the good fortune to catch the Twin Cities ace this past summer when he headlined Sol Testimony’s Soul Sounds Jam Session, and I nearly fell over. K Jay is a natural-born pro whose inventive material, precise timing, and deadpan delivery lean on the fundamentals of the craft to execute laugh-yourself-sick originality.

The Wars of 1812 break out
by Andrea Myers, TC Daily Planet
It’s hard not to have high expectations for burgeoning local indie rock band The Wars of 1812. Seemingly out of nowhere, the band is preparing to pounce onto the scene with an album that recalls the pop structures of songwriting heavyweights like Spoon (who, in turn, recall the Beatles) and early Wilco.

Tet is coming – Celebrate Saturday
Looking for something new and fun to do this Saturday, February 2? Get yourself to the Vietnamese Tet New Year’s celebration, which will be held at the Hopkins High School, 2400 Lindbergh Drive in Minnetonka from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. This event is free and open to the public. The first 100 attendees will receive a telephone card for calls to Vietnam.


Funktify that winter blues
by IBé Kaba, African News Journal
Okay, I hate cold as much as the next African. In fact, probably worse. No matter how many layers of clothing I put on, cold rips through my skin, straight to my marrow. I’m not playing. And it’s not all in my head either. I don’t think it; I feel it every November to March (if not October to April and May).


A world where many worlds can fit
by Karen Larson • We have been in Chiapas now since late Monday. The city of San Cristobal de las Casas makes itself known to us privileged ones as bustling and colorful, historic and friendly, with good food and comfortable beds. With the guidance of our more connected group leaders, however, we are starting to scratch beneath the veneer to the real lives of Chiapas and its people.