Daily Planet Headlines: Planet pauses


Carpenters can turn apprentice training into a college degree by Michael Kuchta, Workday Minnesota Beginning in January, apprentices who graduate from a Carpenters’ training program in the North Central States Region will get more than a pay raise and a promotion to journey-level status. They can also apply their training directly toward a two-year college degree.

Job Corps Center project builds skills, camaraderie and boats by Antonie Young, Park Bugle The Job Corps boaters had McCarron Lake to themselves. Not surprising, since it was November 21 and the water temperature was only slightly above freezing.

White B-96 radio station employee calls black teen ‘dumb bitch’ by Al McFarlane and B.P Ford, Insight News Marie Graham is crusading on behalf of her niece, on behalf of our people, and on behalf of women everywhere. The crusade is personal, for her, and it should be for all of us as well. Graham is communicating by fax and email to everyone and every agency and institution in our community challenging us to stand up against the racist and sexist bigotry being administered to our community over the air on B-96 FM radio.

NEW IN VOICES A New Year’s resolution of hope by Dr. Irma McClaurin Ph.D, Insight News This year I have decided against any resolutions to exercise more, eat less, and refrain from working late. I have tried all of these in the past, and there are just too many intervening factors that make them impossible to keep. Mind you, I intend to walk everywhere, including to the printer, down the stairs, and across the street for lunch. I also plan to monitor what I eat and portions, and I am determined not to burn the midnight oil at work–everything will be there tomorrow.

NEW IN BLOGS Failure by Steve Young, The Fifth Column I think that what Americans should conclude from the assassination of Pakistani leader Benezir Bhutto is the firm conclusion that the Bush/Cheney War on Terror has failed.